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Consulting Knights, Inc has been a force to reckon with, inTechnology and Consulting services, since its inception. Today, Consulting Knights, Inc enjoys a dominant presence, thanks to our constant delivery of innovation, quality, consistency and value for money.

Consulting Knights, Inc is the result of inspired needs of ever growing Information technology, which defied the convention and changed the way people look at technology & consulting services.

Committed to leverage information technology for better performance, we at Consulting Knights, Inc understand the special needs and the intricacies of our clients. Our solutions and delivery lines are the arteries that keep technology flowing between those who make technology available and those who consume.

Consulting Knights, Inc helps it’s customers to rapidly create and deploy a multitude of Internet services that allow them to stay ahead of changing market demands and take full advantage of new and emerging market opportunities while reducing operating cost. Our ambition is to be one of the major players“Globally” delivering right solutions.

Consulting Knights, Inc is currently one of the leading providers of integrated solutions to create and leverage business on the Internet for existing and emerging next generation enterprise, medium and small companies. Our team consists of absolute specialists in software development, integration and implementation. Based on our industry knowledge, Consulting Knights, Inc helps it’s customers in translating business requirements in fast time-to-market and future proof solutions. It is no coincidence that the name Consulting Knights, Inc LLC., has became synonymous for quality and committed service in delivery of technological and personnel to our clients

People, Knowledge, Innovation, These three words exemplify the core values that drive our service to customers. We understand people and how to match them with jobs where they will be productive and motivated. We share our knowledge with customers to help them manage their human resources more effectively. And we provide innovative technologies and creative solutions that help to make Consulting Knights, Inc the easiest company to work with in the staffing industry.

At Consulting Knights, Inc, we do not offer quick-fix, generic, comprehensive solutions to our clients, but design customized sourcing strategies fine-tuned and refined to meet our clients’ specific requirements. This also means no other HR services company in United States has the domain knowledge and the intellectual expertise developed by our team to meet the stringent manpower standards of knowledge-driven information and technology companies.

Finding the right person for the right job in the right time is a universal recruitment challenge. Historically, HR service companies have adopted either a brick and mortar model that relies solely on personal contacts and headhunting to source candidates or have followed a pure online model which may not geographically stunt the talent search but suffers from impersonality. Our unconventional robust-click-brick-and-mortar business model, carefully designed to shape effective sourcing strategies for clients stretches the universe of qualified candidates to its maximum, providing recruiting companies with increased choice of hire without compromising on the personalized aspects of service.

As hiring managers are aware, recruitment isn't simply about posting the job on the Net and waiting for the respondents to post online resumes. It's also about personalized, intimate relationships with the recruiting company and the jobseeker.

By selecting Consulting Knights, Inc as a HR partner, the recruiting company is guaranteed Customized and timely hiring solutions to meet your organizational requirements.

Flexible, accommodating teams that can internalize your demands, think like you and function 24/7 as an extension of your HR department. An informed, no-nonsense, intelligent, team that prides itself on keeping abreast of technology developments. A team that does not believe in short cuts and is passionately dedicated to meeting your exacting standards. An articulate team with strong communication skills that can aggressively market your organizations’ strengths to prospective recruits. A team with an uncompromising attitude to business ethics.

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